An annular solar eclipse will occur when the moon is far from Earth on its monthly elliptical monthly orbit. This results in the moon appearing to be smaller in the sky than the Sun. Therefore, when the conditions are right for an eclipse to happen, the moon will only cover the center of our Sun. It will begin with a partial solar eclipse for a few hours, and then it peaks as a circle around the moon, and it's therefore known as a "ring of fire" eclipse! What makes an annular solar eclipse very different from a total solar eclipse is that you MUST always wear protective solar eclipse glasses to view the entire event (at a total solar eclipse, observers can remove their solar eclipse glasses during the short totality). During an annular solar eclipse, the solar corona never becomes visible. However, they are still great to watch and experience.


The next time Singapore gets to view the annular solar eclipse would be 28 Feb 2063.

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